Do Agencies That Facilitate International Trade Prevent Free Trade?Ef

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Do Agencies That Facilitate International Trade Prevent Free Trade? If the answer is yes, the assertion is that the concept of free trade is a gimmick or an unfair scenario. If a nation has more flexibility through trade agreements, and that nation also offers more subsidies to its exporters; other nations that may not be able to offer their businesses equal aid, will not be able to participate in true “free trade”. Countries like China and the US wield great power when it comes to trade. Smaller, less developed nations simply do not have the resources or revenue to offer their MNC’s loans, subsidies and support on the same scale as “superpower” nations do. The other side of the argument, the no side, states that each country has the…show more content…
Companies must often choose between outsourcing or bankruptcy. Americans struggle to find jobs, and they struggle to pay their bills. And China continues to subsidize exports, buy up US debt, and ensure that their prosperity relies on the desperation of the US. This is just one example of how free trade isn’t really free. The imbalance of trade between the United States and China equates to far less trade with other nations that may have better scenarios to offer. The US suffers because the dollar is not entirely stable, and because trade with other nations could be more balanced. We have much to offer, our workforce is ready, willing and able to produce. But when we can’t even sell to our own citizens because of trade imbalance, how are we to engage in truly fair trade on an international scale? Works Cited Scott, R. E. (2007). Costly Trade With China. Washington DC: Econnomic Policy

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