Do Ahmadis Deserve to Live in Pakistan?

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Yasser Latif Hamdani was born on 5 June, 1980. He is a lawyer by profession and is also a writer based in Lahore, Pakistan. He is a regular writer of articles for the Daily Times Pakistan, The Friday Times, and Express Times. He is known for supporting and demanding the basic rights of Ahmadis. He is a vocal supporter of Ahmadis and has been vying for their rights through his writings. He has written against the growing violence and injustice against Ahmadis on several occasions. The article under consideration was published in the Friday Times on August 31, 2012. This article is of importance because the ethnic violence has increased in recent times. The recent clashes and tension between Ahmadis and Muslim communities have also increased alarmingly. Thus his choice of situation is right. The targeted audience here is the Pakistani community and the leaders of these anti-Ahmadi groups. Since this is a newspaper article, and that too an English language newspaper, the audience will be restricted somewhat as only those who read this newspaper or those who understand English will be able to read it. The author mentions the killing, abductions and murder attempts on Ahmadis especially the one that occurred in 2009. Although the writer presents his point of view effectively by using simple vocabulary, good examples and comparison however, he is…
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