Do All of Us Have a Single Identity?

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Through time, each individual would seek to match themselves, their traits and personality to someone else. Some would say that our identities are from our parents, a relative or from the ever-changing environment. However, are those personalities and traits are only there to form and create one, sole entity? Do all of us truly have a single identity? "An identity would seem to be arrived at by the way in which the person faces and uses his experience" James Baldwin Whenever a situation rise, the individual has the choice to take on a trait. They can become the identity of a coward, running away in fear of risks. On the contrary, they can be bold and confident to face their fears no matter the cost. After the person go through the experience, the action they take will shape them up their being. All of us will need to recognize that identity can always be a challenge, even if we may seem to know who we are. But even those qualities can be changed. All individuals can be fed by what life has to offer that can interest them to direct people into their own paths. I never felt that I am one, sole trait that I should abide to. Thus, I find it bland and unoriginal. Would the child choose the identity of becoming a faithful person of forgiveness, a person who cannot handle what they have seen and thus, creating a shell, or perhaps a vicious person who is torn-apart, waiting to fight and have revenge? Why pick just one of those identities? With this in mind, I realize that a

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