Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep

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Philip K. Dick’s 1968 novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, examines the idea of empathy—forcing characters and readers alike to question just how much empathy one must have to be considered human. The main hero, Rick Deckard, feels as if androids and electric animals are incapable of feeling empathy toward humans or other machines—a characteristic that determines androids to be nonhuman. Since Deckard classifies androids as being nonliving, he believes it is acceptable to “retire” androids. While Rick Deckard begins to question his empathy towards androids when Phil Resch, a bounty hunter, retires Luba Luft, an android Deckard describes as beautiful and talented, Deckard’s true reexamination of his empathetic response is sparked when he encounters Rachael Rosen for the first time after Luft’s death. From this point forward in the novel, Rick Deckard’s perception of other aspects in his life is altered. The moment Rick Deckard encounters Rachael Rosen after Luba Luft’s death, his lustful feelings grow into feelings of actual compassion toward Rachael. When meeting Rachael for the first time, Rick mentioned that “…Some female androids seemed to him pretty; he had found himself physically attracted by several…” (95). Androids are biological creations that are described as looking like humans, talking like humans, and thinking like humans, for the most part. Despite this, Rick Deckard still felt an “odd sensation” (95) about being physically attracted to androids due
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