Do Animals Dream Essay

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Do Animals Dream Introduction: Having various animals growing up I have always wondered what they were doing while they slept. Did they just lay there in a deep sleep or could they have the capability of having a dream? This is a question I have never answered over the years and would like to explore now to find out the answer. I've watched different pets throughout my life while they slept but could never tell if they were dreaming. I noticed that different kinds of animals sleep in different positions and I ask myself, "does this effect if animals dream?" When I was younger, I had several cats, some inside and some outside, and they all acted differently. The cats who stayed indoor would find a corner or something soft to…show more content…
I could be wrong but who knows I could be right. When Robin was five years old she got two hamsters which were very interesting. They slept all day long and were up all night long. They slept on each other in every weird position they could come up with. They were always very still while they slept so I personally don't think they dreamed. Shortly after we got the hamsters they died so we got our next pet which were some goldfish. I would like to tell you about them but they died also two days after we got them. Our last pet, which has survived, is a Chihuahua. She is the funniest little dog that there is. She does sleep a lot, either on the couch, under the computer and at night, she has to be next to a human body. She will bark and even move while she sleeps which I believe is a sign of her dreaming about something. If she moved as much as she does when she is awake she would be hilarious when she slept but unfortunately she doesn't. My experience with all my pets throughout the years have given me the curiosity of whether they were dreaming or not. Although, I have observed all my pets sleeping, I still have questions that I don't know the answers to. This is the purpose of my paper, to find those answers. Questions that I would like to find out are "Do all animals dream or just some or maybe none at all?" How can you tell if animals are dreaming or just sleeping? If you
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