Do Animals Enjoy The Circus Like Us?

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Do Animals Enjoy the Circus Like Us? “The wild, cruel animal is not behind the bars of cage. He is in front of it”—Munthe, Axel 1857. Animals have been used in circuses for generations around the world. You will never find monkeys dance waltz, bears ride bicycles, or tigers jump through burning hoops in the wild. Circuses have broken the law of nature. Circus performers collect money easily by using animal to do stupid tricks and they even do not take care of them properly. Animals should live in cramped cages and travel in the dark cold trailer. That’s why I think using animals as entertainment in the circus should be forbidden. You may laugh while enjoying animals performance in the circus, but let’s see if you still can laugh after read…show more content…
According to, during training session, trainers are often use whips, tight collars, muzzles, electric prods, bullhooks and other painful tools to force animals learn tricks. Trainers drug some animals to make them “manageable” and surgically remove the teeth and claws of others (Ashley Palmer, 2016). As well as using direct physical contact to make the animals learn tricks, they are often forced to go without food and water for prolonged periods when they haven’t performed well during training sessions, as well as during travel periods. Eventhough it’s clear that animals training in circus is cruel, but some people think animals circus can be a chance for children to see wild animals that they may never see again and learn about animals. But I think this is the wrong way to learn about animals for children.
So now we know that how suffer is animals live in the circus. They have the same right to live like human’s because we are the same life creatures in the same world. Using animals as entertainment in the circus should be banned because it’s an animals abuse, it’s threathen public safety, and has cruel training of animals. Only bad things we get when see animals circus. We should stop this serious problem from
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