Do Asians ' Rights Be Ignored? America? Essay

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Jennifer Campbell
Do Asians’ rights be ignored in America?
When I search “Asian rights in America” on Google, there are almost 68400000 search results. But if I search “Black people rights in America”, there are about 90800000 search results online. It is obviously that there are some differences between these two values and what reason causes this different? Why people focus more attention on black people’s rights not on Asians’ rights? You may say that it’s maybe because the number of Asians is smaller than the number of black people. It’s true. In America, Asians are mineral group and only occupy 5.6 percent of the total American population. But I don’t think quantity is the only influence factor and also I disagree with this assumption that micro community’s rights can be ignored selectively by people. Everyone’s equal and they should have same rights and get same attention from public no matter what skin colors they have and where they come from. It’s year 2016 and in the U.S.A which is a democratic country; I know that black people’s rights matter, white people’s rights matter. But please never forget Asian’s rights matter too.
Asians including East Asian, South Asian and Southeast Asian. And in 19th century, the first Chinese immigrations arrived at United States. But they didn’t live a happy life at America; on the contrary most of Chinese immigration became labor and were used as a tool working at the most

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