Do Athletes Deserve For Get Paid?

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Do Athletes Deserve to Get Paid? There seems to have been a rise in scandals in collegiate athletics over the past few years. Many athletes get a notice from the NCAA that they have been suspended from their sports’ season or several games of the season. This may shock some people to know that these athletes are being suspended for getting free food, rides, money for clothing, etc. There have been several court cases involving student-athlete scandals and many are wondering how to get to the bottom of the issue. Being an athlete, I want to learn more about this issue so that I can come to understand both Since 2011, the focus on paying collegiate athletes has become an important topic of discussion. The NCAA, athletic departments, and other corporations are making profit off college athletes and the question has become whether it is just or not. The sums of money that these corporations are bringing in are like that of professionals. Many colleges have adapted professional sports’ requirements and commitment but the problem that has arisen is whether college athletes should receive payment. Many believe that being a collegiate athlete is equivalent to a job, so athletes should be awarded for all the time and effort they put in. Others believe that scholarships and grants should be enough because paying athletes would lose the value of amateurism. Advocates for paying collegiate athletes focus on the flaws of the NCAA’s system, specifically the issues of “amateurism” and…

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