Do Beauty Pageants Serve a Purpose in Today's Sociey?

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Do Beauty Pageants Serve a Purpose in Today’s Sociey?

Saundra Dugger

Com 220
Mr. Atkins
May 22,2010

Do beauty contests really serve a purpose in today’s society? There are many different kinds of beauty contests these days. They are for both men and women and range from infants to adults in age. Beauty contests do not serve a purpose in today’s society. The only thing that it is doing is putting in young girls’ minds and a woman’s that they have to be beautiful. We need to teach the younger generations that they are beautiful no matter what their size, or how they look. It is all about what is inside and the person that they are that makes them beautiful. What the media and shows such as beauty contests have done is make everyone think
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We do not need to throw in the fashion and media worlds as well. This can cause many problems on children that age. Not only will it overwhelm them, but they might start to withdraw from the rest of the world as well as their family. This could also cause complications once they get older and start high school and start looking for a job. They might think that they are better than everyone else, so other people might not want to be their friends. What is this going to do to them then? They will wonder why people do not like them or want to hang out with them.
The following graph shows how many people think child beauty pageants are wrong and should be banned for the safety of the children competing in them.

Should child beauty pageants be banned?

yes (30) | No (7) | (Createdebate, 2010).

Not all people who participate in beauty contests are naturally skinny and pretty. They have to undergo cosmetic surgery and diet at all costs in order to look the way that they do. This can cause health problems and psychological problems in the long run. If they do develop an eating disorder to lose the weight, it can cause frail bones, depression, stomach problems, and the list goes on. There are some good things about being in a beauty contest for the contestant themselves. It makes them feel good about themselves,

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