Do Celebrities Deserve any Privacy?

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Do celebrities deserve any privacy? Nowadays, people in any part of the world are now able to know what is happening everywhere through the media. In nearly all kinds of media, a great deal of attention is paid to the personal lives of celebrities that are much admired or are usually the center of attraction for the general public. It seems that the public have an endless hunger for this kind of news. However, there should be laws established to protect famous people from being constantly hounded by photographers and reporters. Everyone around the world has the right to live their lives in the way they want to and to be respected for this. It means that celebrities should be allowed to keep their privacy for some reasons. The first reason why we should respect celebrities’ private lives is the safety. Many harmful things have happened to celebrities as a consequence of being followed by the media. Paparazzi wait outside their homes, jump in front of their cars, and swarm around them in public. For example, Diana, Princess of Wales, her every deed, no matter how private or trivial, minutely photographed, documented, and spread across the front pages of tabloids everywhere. Right up until the moment of her death in a car crash she was always trying to escape from the media in. This accident proves that celebrities could suffer and even commit suicide because of lack of privacy. Another reason why we should respect celebrities’ private lives is their children, who

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