Do Changing Running Shoes Affect A Runner 's Speed

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Do changing running shoes affect a runner’s speed? Does changing running shoes affect a runner’s speed? It is important to wear running shoes that fit. Running shoes are made out of a lot of different materials. Running shoes come in different brands and styles. Shoes will last with proper care. It’s important to know when to replace worn out shoes. The surface a runner decides to run on can reduce their speed. A runner may encounter unfavorable weather when running which can impact their performance. Including exercises to a running regimen can benefit the runner. There are many factors that lead to a successful running shoe, but what matters most is shoe comfort and improved runner performance. Proper fitting running…show more content…
Feet are not perfectly straight they have a degree of curve. Straight shape is found in motion control shoes. The straighter a shoe is the more stability you have. Semi-Curved shape is found in stability shoes. The curved shape is found in lightweight neutral shoes. The upper shoe holds your foot in place. The upper shoe contains three materials. Synthetic leather that is used for durability. Mesh is used to make the shoe breathable. Reflective material is used to make the shoe more safe. The midsole is the most important part of the shoe. The midsole contains three materials. EVA is a lightweight foam-based cushioning. Dual-Density EVA material gives the shoe double the density Polyurethane material is a very durable cushioning. The outsole is made up of two materials. The carbon rubber material is the most durable part of the outsole. The blown rubber material is lighter and has more flexibility and cushion. Insoles may or may not help with running, but can help if feet are uncomfortable and provide extra cushioning. Waterproof running shoes are packed with sheaths of Gore-tex. Running shoes with Gore-tex will help drain the water faster and will keep your feet dry longer. Waterproof shoes resist sweat to get out. When the feet are immersed in water or sweat can develop which can cause athlete’s foot and swelling. Running shoes have strengths and weaknesses. Trail running shoes are usually waterproof. Waterproof does not mean

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