Do Children Need To Acquire A Second Language? Do Children

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Do children need to acquire a second language? Do children need to learn? It is true that learning another language takes time and dedications. Also, people may think that learning a foreign language leads to confusion and especially for children. Parents start being afraid that their children’s brains will get affected by learning another language, and they think that their brains will grow slowly by attempting to acquire a different language. However, being bilingual is helpful to improve the listening skills because the brain works harder than usual, and it can disguise diverse sorts of sounds quickly. Moreover, the learning of another language for children leads to the development of the primary language, since attention is drawn to…show more content…
According to Best start, Meilleur stated that children may not get the same level in two or more languages at the same time. Also, they stated that the best time for children to learn another language is before age of 7 because children find it easy to learn two languages from birth. Moreover, Best start mentioned that children have the ability to learn and expose two languages during pregnancy period because babies can hear a variety of sounds that help these unborn children’s brains to learn multiple languages. After the born of a child, the child has only two ways to learn and practice a new language. The first way of learning a child a second language is the parents. The parents can practice two with their children while they grow up. If the parents are fluent in a foreign language, they can speak with their children. Typically, children spend most of their times with their parents and that is why learning a second language from parents is very fast. Also, the parents can provide some kind of interesting videos, books, and music that help children to get better in the second language. These options can develop the children skills of learning a second language. Moreover, the parents can take their children and join them into schools that can assist the children to educate another language. The second way of learning is living in a community where the
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