Do Children Watch Too Much Tv

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Do children watch too much television? A question that we didn’t need to ask ourselves too much in the past, but now that it’s a common household item that children have easy access to, this question has been brought up a lot now than ever. Now that a T.V. is in most households in America, and a lot of kids are being raised on it, this may lead a kid to think that sitting in front of a T.V. after school is better than going outside and playing ball. It may even lead a child into resorting to a T.V. as their only source of entertainment, which obviously isn’t a good habit to grow up on. But now that children can record their favorite shows it may lead to longer times sitting in front of a television. And video games have made it so that…show more content…
Among all of the pets that can be a handful, I've experienced that dogs can be the worse, so I'll use them as the subject of my point.</span></span></span></p>
<p><span style="font-size: 100%"><span><span> It's advised that you train your dog, if you don't, it will never learn the basics, to go outside for the bathroom, it will continue to beg, and may tear up some furniture if not given something else. Training a dog isn't any easy work and can possibly take several weeks to do. Also, being abusive to your dog isn't just teaching them what they're doing wrong, but you're teaching them to be incredibly afraid of you. Minimum punishment I can think of for a dog for doing something wrong is a little yelling and putting them out side, at least, that's how I would handle it. As far as teaching them how to go outside to do their duty, all you have to do is frequently take them outside and stay out there with them until they're done going to the bathroom. After doing that enough, your dog should voluntarily go to the door and scratch at it to go outside. To break their habit of begging for human food is easy. Just don't cave in to the puppy dog eyes and feed them. As for the sake of your furniture, that can be easily taken care by giving your pet something else to distract it from house items, such as a chew toy. This is how I treated my dogs and
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