Do Children 's Lack Social And Parental Support Due Parental Addiction More Likely Than Children Of Non Addicted Parents

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RESEARCH QUESTION Do children who lack social and parental support due to parental addiction more likely than children of non-addicted parents to experience scholastic and interaction problems in school? For this study I would like to collect research from children in middle school. I’ve decided not to choose high school students since I believe they would be too far mature for the research. When a child is living with an addict, they learn to become independent on their own as they grow up into their teenage years or too dependent on people who are helping. Children who are in middle school usually have not yet reached that stage in their lives yet so I believe they will fit better with this research. The data I will collect will come from schools in Philadelphia in the lower income district. I would like to work with the district social worker along with the teachers. Throughout the research I would like to observe both male and female representing diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds. For this research I would only like to collect data from the children who live with the addicted parent and the children who do not have an addicted parent. I would like to exclude anyone who has an IEP because they might skew the research.
RELEVANCE OF QUESTION This question is of importance because of the children. Addicts are viewed in their own category when being treated. Their family and especially children are often overlooked by professionals. Everyone is so concerned about…
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