Do Cigarette Warning Labels Work

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Do Cigarette Warning Labels Work? Cigarette warning label is a legal formality fulfilled by the cigarette manufacturers. The fact is that cigarette warning labels do not affect the smokers. Warning labels were adapted in the late 1960s with a minor note saying "Smoking can be Hazardous to Health". It was only the 1970s that confirmed, smoking could kill. And, in 1985 other labels including warnings for Lung Cancer, Heart Diseases, Emphysema and that Smoking during pregnancy is Dangerous, were added. Smoking is one habit that people are not ready to quit even when they are dying. This is because cigarette smoking leads to a rapid addiction for nicotine and is as addictive as alcohol and cocaine. Also, the placebo pleasures associated…show more content…
But what smokers need to realize is the fact that smoking not only harms/kills them but also affects their children, friends and all those who hang around with them. Smokers are indirectly passing on all the side effects of smoking to their loved one's, in the form of passive smoking. US to Adapt the Large and Vivid Graphic Labels How can a smoker actually quit smoking? This is one global question for which researchers and scientists have been seeking an answer for. It's a habit that you can quit for not more than a day and the warning labels have never helped. Hence, "smoking kills" - this warning will not really matter to them. But, if warning labels indicate how smoking can affect or kill their loved one's, it might just pinch the smoker every time he notices a warning label. Researchers have said that the warning labels do not reach all the smokers and goes unnoticed. Therefore, the US Food and Drug Administration has finally decided to join the bandwagon of other countries that have used large graphic labels on tobacco products, after September, 2012. It has been concluded by the researchers that vivid and scandalizing images on the cigarette covers are more likely to motivate smokers for quitting. A vivid image of a man suffering from cancer accompanied with a warning like "Smoking can kill your children/love" will certainly affect more than a mere text-warning. Yes! It's going to be disgusting to look at, but

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