Do Clothes Make the Man? Essay

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Do clothes make the man?

We have always been told that its what`s inside that counts, and "the clothes don’t make the man ", I totally agree with this statement. In today`s world media influence people a lot about their body image, men constantly feel to have a muscular body, and wear new brand clothes. Moreover they encounter muscular and well dressed and modish men as example of their ideal body image. Even women see skinny models with fashionable clothes, makeup, jeweler on, and then try to copy them. People think by doing all this they will be more successful and accepted by society, but they forget that all this artificial stuff could never make a real man with feeling and emotion inside him. Most
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Also whenever you are talking to someone, particularly a woman, you must show that you are not just interested in her looks but also in her personality and who she is as an individual. These things speak greatly of a man as a person and you’ll see that you have already come a great deal closer and made a positive impact on your date than you had ever imagined. So turning pages of magazine from photo to photo looking at their stylish clothes, doesn’t tell us that they a good human being.

If a person doesn’t have any sense of how to wear clothes it doesn’t mean that he is not successful and he is not a good human being. On media we see characteristic like sweat, hair, it can be control on screen but never escape in reality. I see that most of the people aren’t satisfied with their clothes, some girls imagine their clothes to be fashionable, jazzy and colorful while others appreciate that the most important accessories in any closet are shoes!. These all comes from media people see same images over and over and start to believe it’s a version of reality. According to me it’s just waste of money to send dollar behind clothes. Moreover ones true personality is due to his nature. Personally I could never tell how a person is by looking at his outfit , so I don’t believe that clothes make the
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