Do Cognitive-Based Games And Activities Help Memory In Older Adults

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As we age, many of our body’s abilities begin to fade (Hedden & Gabrieli, 2004; Nilson, 2003; as cited in Basak, Book, Voss, & Kramer, 2008). Two important abilities that decline quickly are our ability to process information and our memory (Schaie, 1996; Bopp & Verhaegen, 2005; as cited in Basak, Book, Voss, & Kramer, 2008). It has been medically proven that after the age of sixty, people are at risk of losing their cognitive control (Basak, Book, Voss, & Kramer, 2008). By the year 2030, it is estimated that the population consisting of individuals sixty-five and older is expected to rise up to 71.5 million (Stineman, Xie, Pan, Kurichi, Saliba, & Streim, 2011). The problem with the inflation in the older population is how to take care…show more content…
This study wanted to compare the results and differences between young adults (62 and younger) and older adults (63 and older) (Heisz,, 2014). Heisz, used the Victoria Longitudinal Study Activities Questionnaire to acquire data during the physical and socio-cognitive activities and watching television (2014). The authors found that compared to the younger adults, the older adults showed that while participating in leisure, non-engaging television viewing, they were less active (Heisz,, 2014). This finding means that more television watching and fewer activities could be harmful mentally towards older adults (Heisz,, 2014). In a study conducted by Pauline Maillot, Alexandra Perrot, and Alan Hartley, they wanted to study the effects that exergames would have on their participants’ physicality and cognitive function (2012). Exergames is defined by the authors as a “video game that incorporates game play with physical exercise” (Maillot,, 2012). The authors gave the participants many cognitive tests along with physical activity tests after they completed the exergames (Maillot,, 2012). The authors found that the experimental group showed increased scores on their cognitive tests along with slight increases in their physical aptitude tests (Maillot,, 2012). Maillot and colleagues stated that exergames would be a great contribution to facilities to help their residents in maintaining mental and physical
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