Do College Students Deserve Alcohol? Essay examples

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As a college student I have to bring up a problem that has recently caught my eye. Drinking in the college environment has done much harm to the well-being of the students. The more I see drunken people around campus the more I become concerned for their safety. As I think about this more I start to question if we as body should be allowed to even possess alcohol, regardless of age. While alcohol incidents that include death are very seldom, many other categories have gone up; the number of binge drinkers-those who intend to drink to get drunk- has gone up, the number of Minor in Consumption tickets has gone up and the number of alcohol-related crimes has increased. With the full intent of ensuring the safety of my fellow students, I call …show more content…
Of the problems that are affected by alcohol, academics are a major one; Binge drinkers who consistently drink are more likely to fall behind in class than non-bingers. In a report in From Knowledge to Action, half of reported binge drinkers say that they miss a class due to drinking habits, a third of them say that they fall behind in class because they drink alcohol (Wechsler 40).
Being drunk can also have other dangers. In The "Risky Business" of Binge Drinking Among College Students, the consequences of binge drinking are shown in statistics. Alcohol has been accounted for in 95 percent of violent crimes. Also, a quote from in From Knowledge to Action: “Colleges must protect their students from these negative effects of alcohol. One in eight non-binge-drinking students nationwide reported being assaulted physically or having personal property vandalized due to another student's alcohol use.” (Wolburg 20) An average of 29 percent of women has been sexually assaulted during their time in college; of the cases, 85 percent were date raped.
I have personally seen what alcohol can do to my fellow peers. There were a few instances in which a friend of mine came back from partying and it was blatantly obvious that he was drunk. It was one thing when he was only saying funny things; when people are drunk, they usually make humorous statements and cause no harm. However, it became a serious matter when he acted in a
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