Do Curfews Effect Teens?

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Harry Dent
Liz Wilfong
ENG 101-036
April 28, 2015
Do Curfews Effect Teens?
A lot of teenagers argue that obeying curfews really affects them because they get in troubles. Curfews do not guarantee that teenagers will fully stay out of trouble. Teen curfews do not reduce or take away from juvenile crime (“Teen Curfews Should Not Be Supported “). Some teens feel that when a parent sets a curfew, they don’t fully trust their kids all the way. Whether teenagers have a curfew or not, they can get in just as much trouble in the day time as they can get into in the night time.
When it comes to curfews, people tend to be for or against them. “A curfew is a law, regulation, or ordinance that forbids particular people or particular classes of people from being outdoors in public places at certain specified times of the day” (Batten). With curfews being in place, this makes it harder for some teens to fully get an experience of a night life. With the way this generation is set up, some parties start around eight o’ clock and at twelve o’ clock. Most teenagers want to go get something to eat or chill around with their friends after the party, so really they would not get into the house until after two or three o’clock. Really, curfews are just a way for parents to say they don’t want their kids out of their sight except for a certain amount time.
There is really nothing that proves that curfews reduce crime and protect teenagers from getting in less or no trouble. There are a lot of

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