Do Different Brands of Popcorn Affect How Many Kernels Pop? Essays

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Do different brands of popcorn affect how many kernels pop? Introduction The grocery store shelves are filled with many varieties, sizes, and brands of the same item. There are numerous kinds of popcorn, large and small, produced by different manufacturers. Some people choose products based on need, some base their decisions on price and some base their decision on quality or brand loyalty. With all of these options it can be difficult to choose. You may want to save money but at what cost? In this experiment we will determine if generics are equivalent alternatives or if we really get what we pay for. (Bautista, 2006) Project Design Plan Testable Question: Does name brand popcorn will have a better ability to pop than generic…show more content…
2.Heat stove at a medium-high heat (7/10 on most stove units); let it heat up for 3 minutes *To keep the heat the same medium-high heat for each run of the experiment. 3.Add 1T of peanut oil *Peanut oil has a higher smoke point and has less of a chance of burning during the experiment. 4.Once stove has reached medium-high heat (3 minutes has passed), insert 1 popcorn kernel into the pot. *This step makes sure the stove is hot enough for the popcorn to pop. 5.Once test kernel has popped, pour in the popcorn kernels into the pot, put the pot top on, and immediately start timer for seconds. *The timer has to be started as soon as the popcorn is put into the pot so that the time stays consistent. When the top is put on, after the popcorn is put in the pot, it not only keeps the popped popcorn in the pot during the popping, but also keeps the heat inside allowing the popcorn a greater chance of absorbing moisture. 6.Once timer has gone off after 30 seconds, quickly remove pot from heating surface and quickly pour into bowl. *To make sure the same amount of heat is given to both name brand and generic and is removed from the stove surface as soon as the timer goes off. 7.Count remaining unpopped seeds- Popped kernels are any broken kernels. *The seeds must be counted in order to determine if name brand popcorn pops better

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