Do Food Stamps Cause Obesity

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Today’s society is infatuated with the thought of being fit and skinny. Although eating healthy and balanced sounds ideal for most Americans, this can be more difficult than it seems. Because of the number of families living in poverty, eating a nutritious and balanced diet is a tremendous challenge. Healthy foods generally cost more than cheaper, processed foods. Families attempting to make the most of their scarce amount of money will try to stretch their dollar and purchase large quantities of food, disregarding the nutritional value. Many studies show the correlation between obesity and other health issues, with a family’s financial status. Although there are now several ways for today’s society to be healthful, including new diet…show more content…
Otherwise known as Food Stamps, this program was aimed towards those battling food insecurity or hunger, and to assist them in purchasing food. This program has in fact helped to alleviate these problems, but has resulted in another extreme: obesity. The article “Do Food Stamps Cause Obesity? Evidence From Immigrant Experience” explains that “monthly vouchers of food stamps have been found to affect quantity and frequency of food consumption, with periods of high consumption immediately following voucher receipt (Kaushal, 4). I find this to be unsurprising, as when food is plentiful and readily available, splurging seems likely. Citizens that are qualified for this program are essentially provided a sum of money in correlation to the number of family members in their home. The money provided is enough to counteract hunger, but not nearly enough to provide a healthy diet by any means. The article also provides that “between 20 to 30 percent of food stamp recipients would spend less on food than their food stamp benefit amount if they received cash instead of stamps.” Because the food stamp is only exchangeable for food items, this can limit the families spending power. When given their monthly allotment of food stamps, the family will stock up on the inexpensive, unhealthy food, because it lasts the longest. When living under these circumstances, the individual doesn’t have a choice to be particular with the items they
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