Do Genetically Modified Crops Have A Place? Society?

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The Growing Debate; do Genetically Modified Crops Have a Place in Society?
It has been over twenty years since genetically modified crops were initially commercialised. And the debate over if they are good for society or not still rages. It is a polarising topic, wrapped in propaganda and biased attitudes. It has divided the opinions of nations and brought the USA and Europe to the brink of a trade war. The acronym ‘GM’ is weighted down with cultural baggage and, in general society, has come to mean the unnatural mixing of genes by scientists who are playing God. However, genetically modified crops are actually defined as the manipulation of a plant through the insertion of specific DNA sequences to produce a desired trait. This definition could also be loosely applied to what conventional plant breeders have been doing for centuries. In order to objectively judge whether genetically modified crops benefit or hurt society, several factors must be taken into account. These include: the science behind the advancements, the consequences to human health, the economic effects, the impacts on biodiversity, the risk of introgressive hybridisation and the evolution of resistance.
To form a judgement of the effects on society caused by genetically modified crops, the science behind this advancement must be understood. The genetic modification of plants can be separated into three main stages; Insertion of the DNA into the target organism, transformed plant identification and…

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