Do Happy Workers Work Hard

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CHAPTER 9 : DO HAPPY WORKERS WORK HARDER? The effect of job satisfaction on work performance Michael Argyle In: Ruut Veenhoven (ed), (1989) How harmfull is happiness? Consequences of enjoying life or not, Universitaire Pers Rotterdam, The Netherlands, ISBN nr. 90 257 22809 Summary Opinions about the consequences of happiness on work differ. There is no research on the effects of life-satisfaction on productivity but there is a lot of research on the link between job satisfaction and work performance. This research shows modestly positive correlations with productivity, absenteeism and labour turnover. These correlations tend to be stronger among white collar workers. It is still largely unclear to what extent satisfaction effects…show more content…
Good events are said to be due to one 's own achievements, bad events to the failings of others. As a result it is generally considered that this theory has failed (Griffin and Bateman, 1986). This may be a mistake, since research on happiness has found partial independence of positive and negative aspects. Research on joy confirms Herzberg 's finding that achievement is important, but it also finds that relationships with other people are even more important, and not just a source of distress as he found (Argyle, 1987). The correlation between job satisfaction and productivity Brayfield and Crockett (1955) astounded the world of occupational psychology by finding an average correlation of only + .15 from the 26 studies published up until then. The latest metaanalysis of 217 separate correlations (in 74 studies) also found an overall correlation of + .15 (Iaffaldano & Muchinsky, 1985). Eight of these studies produced correlations of +.44 or above; these were all supervisory or professional workers, using self, peer or supervisory ratings of performance. Petty et al. (1984) found an overall correlation of +.23; this was +.31 for supervisors and above, +.15 for those at lower levels. Some recent studies have found correlations which are higher than this under certain conditions. An overall correlation of +.35 was found in one, but it was as high as +.60 when there

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