Do High School Sports Stay?

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Do High School Sports Stay? Could you imagine a world of not that many kids going to college? Not a lot of healthy and happy kids? Well we can’t. Without high school sports, not a lot of kids would be happy or healthy. Parents who care about their child, support sports, or cares about our next generation then help save sports! Today’s generation of teens are getting more and more lazy as technology increases. High school sports will keep kids more busy and get them off their phone/tablet and on the field. Sports need to stay in High School because sports help release angry and sad emotions. Sports will help produce more positive chemicals that make teens more happy and change their attitude. According to, “All high school sports are fundamentally designed to help teens develop stronger personal and interpersonal skills and talents. Athletics offers teens a physical outlet to exert their troubles, anger, and emotions. As hormones alter teens’ moods and thoughts, competition gives an opportunity for teens to interact with fellow peers, coaches, and mentors, while helping them understand their own abilities and talents.” This shows that if a teenager has emotions, they don 't know how to deal with they can take it out on the field and most likely they feel a lot more relieved. According to, “When children and teens participate in group competitions and activities, they learn skills that apply to opportunities both on and
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