Do I Choose Life Or Death My Unborn Baby?

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Do I choose Life or Death my Unborn Baby? Women in the world work hard, multi-task, and balance home life and work life every day and the choice to bring life into the world, we have no control of the health of our babies we bore. This is one task which we have no control of, yet we pray to God to even become pregnant or bless the baby to be just healthy. In the world today, many women experience suffrage, with childbearing. The internal emotions fall to the wayside without the acknowledgment from other medical doctors to assist, with pain and healing within. A woman blessed with the chance to bring life into the world, and then right before her eyes, life simultaneously changes because of a health dilemma. Then the test of choices become a life or death situation for an unborn child ethically, morally, the belief the Power of God, and the evaluation of life over selfishness or selfless’ in motherhood? Ethical Dilemma The dilemma involves a woman named Susan, with a successful career that must now make the choice of life or death for her unborn child. Susan’s lifestyle, balanced family, and a successful career, with a major blow which turned her life upside down in a time of joy, yet knocked down. The dilemma is should she abort her unborn child diagnosed with Down syndrome, which “is varying degrees of mental retardation and some physical abnormalities as a result of congenital conditions resulting from chromosomal defect” (National Association of Genetic Counselors,

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