Do I Regret Knowing You?

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Do I Regret Knowing You? There I was, March 16th, 2015, sitting backstage, waiting for my breathing to regulate with my friend Angelina on my side. Feeling as if I was being drowned in the water and couldn’t get a grasp of air. My body was shutting down, “how could this happen” and “why would she do that” kept coming out of my mouth. One moment friends, and then hatred came into place. I was having one of those moments when you just want hide and never come out; that was where it all began. It first started on January 18th, 2015, coming back from the last Bar Mitzvah of the year. “Just sleepover tonight!” Katherine said. “Okay” I replied. After a really long night Katherine, Makenna, and I had just gotten to Katherine’s place. I was too tired to go home, so I decided to just sleep at hers. We had planned to stay up all night and just have a good time, and it was. We started by getting into our pajamas and just having a girls’ night as usual. We fooled around, and ate so much junk food that it could have been a sin. Chocolate ice cream, sugar cookies, gummies, anything you could think of we were digesting that night. Oh, how well do I remember that night. Two months later is when it had all twisted and turned, not just my stomach but my life. I had been having a fake friend, well not just friend, “best” friend. Imagine, one day walking into school having a great day, and in 2nd period, it all changes. “Regina.. Did you see the video?” asked my friend Jorge. “What video..?”
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