Do Immigrating Mothers Follow Us Cultural Norms?

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Do Immigrating Mothers Follow U.S. Cultural Norms?
Avneet Chadha
University of Michigan
A mother’s love towards her children is un-paralleled by any bond between two people that exists today. A mother is willing to sacrifice anything in order to ensure her child’s safety and success. Despite the eternal love of mothers toward their children, every mother has a specific route that they think is correct when raising their children. For example, in the United States it is commonly accepted that a baby should sleep in a different room than their parents to develop independence, whereas in Mayan culture, the infants sleep with their mothers for the first few years. For this paper, a 47-year-old Indian mother who immigrated to American at a relatively young age was interviewed. The current age of her children are 22 and 20, both of whom attend college far away from home and have exhibited a large amount of independence from their mother. In Indian culture, it is widely noted that the child should sleep with their parents as the parents wanted to develop a stronger bond with their child. When I asked the interviewee whether she slept in the same bed as her mother, she said she did sleep in the same bed as her mother until the age of 4. The purpose of this paper is to see if immigrant mothers that now live in the United States adhere to the cultural norms of newborn infants sleeping in different rooms than them or whether they follow the same norms that the Mayans exhibit as talked…

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