Do It Yourself Outsourcing : Case Study 2

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Do It Yourself Outsourcing: Case Study 2 Background: XYZ Marketing Company strives to provide excellent services to their clients. These services include e-commerce and marketing solutions. With the services provided, XYZ Marketing Company can gain new clients, retain their current clients, and also help their clients with a new strategy for marketing services. XYZ Marketing Company handles hundreds of e-commerce websites for clients on a daily basis. By doing so, this helps implement client market targeting and creates new strategies to increase revenue within the company. Client innovation solutions are created by XYZ Marketing Company, which are tailored specifically for each client and their needs. By having specific solutions for each client, this creates high satisfaction and keeps company’s trust and loyalty. XYZ Marketing Company has many clients all over the world. By expanding their business globally, it has kept them in business for over 25 years. Over the last five years, XYZ Marketing Company has expanded their services. These services include: Client Services, Finance, Business Strategies, Human Resources, and the Legal Department. Services to be Outsourced: After many deliberations, XYZ Marketing Company has decided to focus more on the core business aspects and outsource the non-core business aspects of the company. With this decision, the company must classify the core and non-core aspects of the company for which they would either focus on or

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