Do Knower 's Perspective Affect The Knowledge We Pursue

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Topic: to what extent, do knower’s perspective affect the knowledge we pursue.
Areas of knowledge: computer science, psychology and business management
Ways of knowing: reason sense perception

According to the Oxford dictionary, knowledge is “facts, information and skills acquired through experience or understanding (theoretical or practical) of the topic.” Therefore, every knowledge would have come to existence with someone 's perspective, because someone in the starting would have experimented then would have proved it in front of the world and if 75% accepted then only it was considered as a knowledge. It seems that the very concept of knowledge without knower’s perspective is an oxymoron. Therefore, in reality the knowledge existing is formed from people 's point of view. For example some subjects like natural sciences (physics, chemistry and biology broadly) are not based on trust but are verified. If you are unable to prove your hypothesis it 's not considered as knowledge.
For example in chemistry, when periodic table was in process of formation; the structure, arrangement etc. where given by Mr. Dimitri Mendeleev but because he was unable to prove his discovery wan not published whereas Henry Moseley did a small changes and was able to satisfy everyone 's point of view his structure is still been used. Hence, in my opinion the knowledge is actually someone 's point of view which we accept. We can also say that the knowledge we are proceeding on is based on the pile

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