Do Men Make Better Managers Than Women?

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Do men make better managers than women?
The idea of men making better managers than women is highly subjective and thus very much down to the personal opinion of individuals both within and outside of a workplace. Due to the subjective nature of this subject, it is hard to come to an overall conclusion and thus directly answer the question. Therefore this essay aims to demonstrate both the strengths and weaknesses of both men and women within managerial roles, and show how they are of equal capabilities to perform within a managerial position. This essay will explore the qualities of both men and women that enable both genders to be good managers. Furthermore there will be a focus on the history of both men and women in management, which will show how women have generally being regarded as being misrepresented within management due to gender stereotyping. Traditional sex role stereotypes state that males are more masculine in the workplace showing signs of being self-reliant, aggressive, competitive and good at decisive decision making (Powell, 1990). However females show signs of being more feminine with characteristics including, being sympathetic, gentle, and shy (Powell, 1990).

Since 1970 the number of women in management has increased rapidly, with the overall proportion of women managers increasing from 16% to 40%,despite this the proportion of women in top management roles is was less than 3% in the 1990’s (Powell, 1990). This demonstrates that women are still
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