Do More Gun Laws Lower Crime Rate?

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David Sykut
Mrs. Martinez
7th Period
April 5, 2016
Do More Gun Laws Lower Crime Rate?

My topic for my Senior Paper is, “Do more gun laws lower crime rate?” I chose to do this topic because it is indeed near and dear to my heart. I come from a family of gun owners and because of that I proudly support the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution. I also live in a city that is greatly affected by gun violence. Chicago is one of the most violent areas in the country with gun violence and living in such a city and being a gun owner makes me think. Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws, plus a high gun violence and murder rate. Coincidence? I don’t know and so I am trying to figure out if the strict gun laws cities have actually reduce crime. Nowadays guns have been the ones in the media, whether in a good way or bad way. With my research, I want to conclude whether strict gun laws actually help to reduce crime or increase it.
According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, which handles the registration of firearms, there were more that 3.1 million National Firearms Act-registered weapons in the of March 2012. ( Now, those are statistics from 4 years ago, and those are only registered guns. There is an estimated 270 million total guns. That’s an average of 89 firearms for every 100 residents. ( The 2nd amendment has been argued over forever now both positively and negatively. The City of…
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