Do Not Challenge an Owl

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We start this myth in the Greek Aegean sea. Warrior Potatoession was out traveling on her own. Originally, this was a personal pleasure cruise. She was a strong woman, but everybody needs a break at one point. But it won’t stay that long for our young warrior. As she was sailing near a rocky island, a pained winnie cut through the peaceful air. A pegasus fell from above and landed on the island, too far for Poseidon to heal him. As Potatoession got closer, she noticed owl feathers all over the pegasus wing, which was now broken. “What the underworld are owl feathers doing on a pegasus wing?” She said to herself. “Maybe he ran into an owl... weird.” The pegasus whined in pain. Potatoession, not knowing that she should've just put him in the water, hauled the poor animal onto her boat. As she was sailing home, a loud rumble from inside the water shook her boat and roared out. Slowly but surely, a face appeared in the water waves. She then realized that it was Poseidon, the sea god, and father of all horses and pegasi. “I see that you have found one of my children”, his voice boomed. “This is your kid?” she replied. “ Yes, and I need him to be healed. But I’m not capable to do so right now. His mother, Medusa, and i are going somewhere tonight. You know, sort of a... date, you know? If you wish to stay in human form and not a pitiful sea slug, I suggest you bring him into your house and heal him yourself.” “A date, huh?”
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