Do Not Do Anything Illegal !

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Friday, February 24, 2015, was a day I’d been looking forward to for a long time. My friend Beth and I were invited to Tommy Baker’s house party. We had gone through high school unnoticed until now. This invitation was not a common occurrence. Our parents had not believed us when we said that we were going to a party. But once they saw us all dressed up, they exclaimed in a joking manner:
-“Do not do anything illegal!”
-”Stay safe”
And we laughed as if it was absurd, that we could possibly have to worry about something like that. Little did I know that once I stepped out my front door, the life I’d been accustomed to would change forever.
Once we went inside the house, it seemed like the typical party scene I’d witnessed in every movie. We were getting more attention than usual and a lot of people came up to talk to us. We were having fun. Near the end of the night, Bradley Jameson approached us. He was one of the nicest guys in our class. Even though he was very wealthy and good-looking, he didn’t flaunt it. Beth had always found him cute. When he asked her to go somewhere quiet to talk she tried to keep her excitement from showing but she failed when she replied yes in a chirpy voice. Once she was gone I missed her company but continued to chat with different people who had always ignored me at school. Thirty minutes turned to one hour and I started to get a bit worried because I couldn’t find her anywhere. Soon this feeling of concern (because you used worried in the…
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