Do Not Pet ! Service Dog On The Job

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Rachelle Laga
Professor Susan Andersen
English 2010
Persuasive Research Essay
24 April, 2016
Do Not Pet! Service Dog on the Job
Walking into my final class of the day, I noticed that a fellow student is with a dog. As I got closer to the couple, the urge to pet the animal washed over me. My hands began to itch to feel the fur on my skin and to find the extraordinary spot behind the ear that all dogs love. However, a red vest caught my eyes with the words “SERVICE DOG” and “DO NOT PET” that yelled at me to not go through with my actions. Reluctantly obeying the warnings, I sat down next to the pair with an unaccomplished mission that was put before me. Trying to ignore the desire to pet the dog, another student asked if they could pet the dog. I heard the owner respond with, “I’m sorry. He’s still in training.” After hearing this, I realized that we forget that these dogs are on the job to help out their owners with their medical or mental disabilities and we, the outsiders, only see these dogs for our amusement. By defining what is considered a service animal, what the policies are for college campuses, what these animals are trained specifically for a certain numbers of tasks and we, as students, must respect their job and their owners. However, there are those that abuse the power of the loose definition of a service animal. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 opened the gateway to service animals being used. The ADA helps the individuals with

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