Do Not Support Sea World and the Orcas Being Held There

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My favorite thing to do there was watching the Shamu show. It touched my heart to see these trainers bonding with such a big whale. I always told myself when I grew up; I wanted to be a trainer for the killer whales. I figured I would have to go study marine biology and the schooling would take years. While researching I found that anyone off the streets can be a trainer for the orcas, all you need to know is how to swim. Even now, having children of my own, I took them to Sea World to see Shamu and watched them enjoy it like I did. Earlier this year I noticed a documentary on Netflix about the killer whales at Sea World, it opened my eyes to a whole new perspective. In 1970, a man by the name of John Crowe was a diver and he would go out and capture baby killer whales for Sea Land theme park, which is now Sea World. To capture the whales, they used speedboats, bombs, aircraft, and nets. He explained how the whales knew they were being captured so the pods would separate the moms and babies together and males would go in a different direction. The aircrafts could see where the mom and babies were so the speedboats were directed that way. John explained how when they captured a baby the moms and the other whales would stick around the boats crying and communicating back and forth. He starts crying while saying he felt like he was kidnapping, and that he did not realize what he was doing was wrong until that…
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