Do Not Text and Drive

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In today’s society, texting is an incredibly significant part of life. People crave rapid responses and are eager to see messages immediately. It is rather difficult to imagine life without instant messaging. Texting is so prominent that individuals are risking lives by reading messages while driving. It is absolutely ridiculous and must be stopped. The time taken to write a simple message such as “OK” or “LOL” can cause severe injuries and death. A multitude of individuals believe that nothing will happen to them and that they are immune. Despite so, that is most definitely not the case. Life is precious and can be taken away in an instant. I urge everyone, especially my friends and family, to not text and drive . I beg everyone to…show more content…
They can only imagine what a great man he would have become. Nevertheless, his family and friends will always remember his loving personality, his smile, and the joy he brought them. Although his death was quite terrible, it does teach a lesson. It manifests the importance of not texting and driving. Moreover, it demonstrates how quickly life can change. This boy would have been especially successful, but that changed within an instant. A simple text message took away his hopes, dreams, and future. A family was torn apart. I cannot grasp how I would survive after losing someone close because of texting and driving. I am sure lots of other people would feel the same way if they were in that situation. In order to prevent deaths like this, the realities of horrible deaths like this must be told. We must take action and vow to never text and drive. Please convince as much people as you can to stop texting and driving. We CAN make a difference and improve the safety of drivers and roads. However, NOTHING will change if we fail to spread the word of the dangers of texting while driving. We must put in effort and be diligent. We can avoid possible harm and tragedies. Let’s strive to make an impression on the world. I hope this story has impacted you to not text and drive. Don’t text and drive- save
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