Do Not Use The Library And / Or Research Databases?

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What is your favorite work of art (broadly defined, you can pick a painting, a song, a sculpture, a movie, a poem, a book, etc.)? Tip: It is much easier to find references and sources on well-known works of art. Complete the following section on your favorite work of art. Use the library and/or research databases in order to find two additional sources to answer the following questions. Do not use internet sources. You are required to cite/quote your two sources below and include the reference info. You are to complete this section, and the remaining sections, individually.
Artist Name: Touchstone Pictures Imagine Entertainment
Title of Work: The Alamo (2004)-
Artistic Medium: 35 mm
Year of Completion: 2004
Style of Work: Drama, History, War
Location of Work: In Texas. During the Texas Revolution
Discuss the content of this work. In other words, what is depicted in this work of art? What do you see? What is going on? Use complete sentences. The film is set during the Texas revolution. At the time the U.S was having struggles within Texas due to Dictator Santa Anna and his Mexican army wanting to recapture Texas. The movie depicts soldiers defending the Alamo and the battle of San Jacinto in which Santa Anna was defeated. I see soldiers fighting and dying for Texas. I see the Battle of the Alamo. I see legendary heroes such as James Bowie and Davy Crockett played by Billy Bob Thornton and Sam Houston played by Dennis Quaid. I see cannons firing and soldiers defending the…
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