Do Not Weep! The Uplifting Poem by Mary Frye Essay

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The poem Do Not Weep by Mary Frye is a positive and uplifting poem that worked on many levels and has many appeals, appeal of intelligence, emotional appeal and imaginative appeal.

To start of, the poem has an appeal of imagination and has many features that show this. First of, we have numerous metaphors, "I am a thousand winds that blow" and "I am the diamond glints on snow" are examples. These metaphors are indirectly comparing him to the greatness, to the amounts of them, trying to relate to us by telling us how he is everywhere. He might not be here in person but he is all around as used in the metaphors the wind, in the snow, in sunlight that ripens the grains everywhere. Second, the poem has the symbol of "do not stand at my
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Grave were he is now. The importance of this is to tell us were he is now but at the same time were hes not.

Next there is a movement to find that there is also an appeal of intelligence. "Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there. I do not sleep" this is a biblical allusion of when the angels are telling merry that Jesus is no longer in the tomb and so on. This is an example to an appeal of intelligence because it shows us that he is not there. He is all around he is a spirit now and to open peoples minds to what might be beyond death. The poem is written in first person point of view. The use of "I am" shows significance stating that even though he is gone he doesn’t want his family to be in pain as he is always with them. Also this gives the poem a personal view on things and enables him to include his feelings and emotions. The fact that it is that he is gone and that he is with us is an overstatements and he is everywhere when he really isn’t. How can he be when he's not in person? That’s an overstatement.

Finally the poem has an emotional appeal. The poems tone is positive in a negative way it is sort of uplifting even though there is nothing encouraging about the situation. This is shown tough the use of words such as " I am the thousand winds that blow/ I am the diamond glints on the snow" these phrases have positive connotation saying that he will always be with us
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