Do Organizations Have Uniform Cultures

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these is 1-1 seven primary characteristics of it : 1.Innovation and risk taking: degree of encourage the employee and innovate them to take the risk . 2. Attention to detail: degree of employee that occurs the interest in analysis and details. 3. Outcome orientation: degree of management used to focuses on results rather than process and techniques. 4. People orientation: degree of management decisions and take in mind the effect of it in people in the organization . 5. Team orientation: degree to which the work organized into teamwork not individuals. 6. Aggressiveness: degree to which people are aggressive and competitive rather than easygoing. 7. Stability: the degree of the organization activities to maintain in the current state and do not to change and growth .…show more content…
1-3 Do Organizations Have Uniform Cultures? They must be uniform in the basic issues and characteristics but Does not prevent the sub-organization to have a special culture that distinguish them from others . 1-4 Strong versus Weak
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