Do Other People Influence You?

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Do Other People Influence You? As you get older you start to realize that you truly never stop learning new things. Something I recently had the pleasure of learning was that other people really do influence how we react in certain situations. There have been numerous amounts of studies done to show what actually makes someone do something different or change something about the way they normally would have done on their own. What seems to make this change is the influence of others. Whether people choose to admit it or not, which most will not, people’s opinions and actions tend to shift our ways of thinking or acting without even realizing. According to Robert Cialdini, a Professor of Psychology and Marketing, he states: “If we are uncertain of what we should do in a situation, one shortcut way of knowing what’s probably the right thing for us to do here, is to look at what are peers are doing” (Dubner, 2012). This comes into play in many situations for us. When you are out on street walking, driving, at home, or maybe even in high stress situations. If you think about it how many times have you or someone you know done something because you think “Oh they did it, I can do it too”. I can be when making good decisions or bad decisions; we do tend to look at what others are doing to do the same and get validation. In an article by Marya Burgess published by BBC News UK, she writes about an experiment done by American Social Psychologist named Solomon Asch. Solomon
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