Do Our Gadgets Control Us?

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Do Our Gadgets Control Us? Some argue ubiquity of electronic gadgets are making our lives infinitely better than before, therefore any negative remark is inconsequential. On the contrary, others are thoughtfully concern that our insatiable usage of those gadgets interferes with our family units, human relationships, consequently minimize in- depth thinking capacity, therefore, eventually corroding our complex brain functions only to be able to process the simple command. Sherry Turkle’s ‘The Fight From Conversation’ illustrated that our lives are inundated with the technological devices that is taking us where we shouldn’t go. Families live together but alone with their devices; we prefer to converse through social media not in person. Claudia Wallis’ ‘The Multitasking Generation’ equally addressed these alarming trends that our ‘state of the art’ personal gadgets have dramatically influenced our lives alternatively changing our behavior, subsequently affecting our younger generation’s development. Turkle and Wallis observations are similar at least in two ways. Turkle stated that our lives are so ingrained with those gadgets that we are out of control unable to pay attention on who we are, what we value, and who we become (para 3 Turkle 334). In similar degree, Wallis noted that Kaiser Family foundation research findings kids’ daily exposure to the media through an assortment of gadgets is staggering 8.5 hours (para 14 Wallis 388). In short, kids spent ½ of
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