Do Palestinians Affect The Way They Do?

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In our society people do not understand why the Palestinians act the way they do. The news could be a reason why people believe Palestinians are bad people because they do not release the facts. People believe that the Palestinians are nothing but terrorist that likes to blow their selves up. That is not the case Palestinians are regular human beings that want best for their families. The Palestinians become human bombs because of their loyalty to their people. After reading The Attack it gave me a better understanding on why Palestinians have trouble believing in a better day. The anger that enrage in the Palestinians has a lot to do with the loss of land that meant everything to them. The Palestinians were kicked out of what was known of their holy land in 1947 and left stateless. Palestinian’s believe they should have a land back that was once theirs. The United Nations gave the Israelis the land now known as Israel. The Israelis pushed most of the Palestinians out from Israel. Israelis are part of an increasing nation. The Israelis wants nothing to do with the Palestinians. In the bible the land is a “promised land” towards the Jews which is why the Israelis believe the land should be theirs. The Israelis claim that the Palestinians NEVER existed. The Israelis…show more content…
The Palestinians begin losing their land in 1947 due to this they suffered in the Holocaust. In 1967 the Palestinians lost the rest of their land. The land that is known as Israel belonged to Palestinians first and was theirs for quite a while. When Israelis took the land they gave some to the Palestinians but soon took it back leaving the Palestinians with nothing. They both would like the best for their people. The problem with the two is that they do not want to share the land amongst each other. Palestinians and Israelis both have the same father whose name is Abraham. Both the Palestinians and Israelis believe the land belongs to
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