Do Parents Make People More Violent Video Game Violence?

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What makes a game violent? Is it the gore? Is it the language? It’s all of those and sexual content in the video game. I think someone ten-years-old and under should not play violent video games. It’s up to the parents to choose if their young child should play a game. If you give a six-year-old kid a game and have him go on a murder spree in the game, it will have an effect on him. Violent video games have an effect on everyone. In an article from American Psychological Association determined violent video games do not have a direct link with criminal behavior. However, it can make people more violent. I believe parents should play the game first if it is M rated to see if the parent thinks it is appropriate for the child. There was a Supreme Court case in 2005, Schwarzenegger V.s. Entertainment Merchants Association. California passed a law banning the sale of violent video games to minors. The Supreme Court ruled it as unconstitutional under the First Amendment. They mentioned James Madison in the case and brought up how he saw violence, James Madison was one of the founding fathers, he was also known as the “Father of the Constitution.” He supported with fighting the British so America could be free. “What Justice Scalia wants to know,” Justice Alito said, “is what James Madison thought about …show more content…

People don’t like video games because they are violent or inappropriate. If you don’t want your kids playing a game then don’t buy it for them. Games have a rating for a purpose. Don’t go buy your eight-year-old kid the next Call of Duty if you don’t want him to kill people. When someone says something about a game they don’t bring up Call of Duty or Battlefield. It’s because they are war games, violence is ok if it’s war. People talk about Grand Theft Auto also know as GTA a lot. GTA is a game about crime, of course, it’s going to be violent. Killing people in GTA is not okay but killing someone on the battlefield is

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