Do Patients who Undergo Renal Transplantation Suffer from Long-term Dental/Health Complications

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My search strategy for the scientific literature started with PubMed. I input the following phrase into the search bar: “Dental complications from kidney transplants”. 100 articles were gathered as potential scientific literatures that could be used for my specific learning issue. In finding articles that provided general dental and health complications, the task offered a manageable list of scientific articles to sift through. For the next time, I would like to focus on specific dental/health complications from kidney transplants and how it could affect patients in such ways instead of in a general systemic manner.
The first selected article, “The status of dental and jaw bones in children and adolescents after kidney and liver transplantation”, focuses on the main systemic complications patients may encounter after renal transplantation within the oral cavity. The research question the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at the Medical University of Warsaw in Warsaw, Poland, posed was to evaluate the incidence of various dental abnormalities within children who underwent kidney transplantation with the added factor of taken immunosuppressant drugs. A benefit of the article in its choice of including the potential cause of these abnormalities as a consequence of taking various immunosuppressant drugs adds an extra…
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