Do People Change Society Or Does Society Change People?

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Do people change society or does society change people? The broadening of what consists of sex, gender, and sexuality consists of in the United States is one of the debates this question creates. Some people contest that society is becoming more open-ended allowing people to blur the 'natural ' lines of male and female and homosexual and heterosexual, into continuums that normally do not exist; others defend the notion that society, due to the constant fighting from groups historically deemed as 'deviant ' or 'abnormal ', is opening to include people it previously made invisible. This discussion currently focuses on the transgender community and the factuality of their natural occurrences, their history, and their struggle. Joanne Meyerowitz 's monograph, How Sex Changed, a history of transsexuality in the United States, effectively provides agency to transgender people through the accurate use of pronouns, the micro-focus on Christine Jorgensen 's life and the employment of other micro-level experiences to illustrate macro-level societal trends. Through this process Meyerowitz illustrates that it was not society, which changed autonomously to include transgender people, but rather that transgender people championed a change in society and its definition of sex to include them. Meyerowitz 's dedication to using pronouns to match the persons gender representation, despite their biological state, portrays her subjects as the men and women they were giving them agency as
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