Do People Have Good Information For Judging Internal Traits, The Self Or Others?

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Blind spots are personality based, where they are the perceptions of how individuals see us and how we see ourselves. Almost everyone believes that they know themselves better, compared to other people knowing them better. Based off studies from experts, these blind spots could prove us wrong and show that others might know us better than what we thought. These blind spots are caused by lack of information, having too much information, and are the results of motivated cognitive processes.
Often having little information can result in not knowing the individual very well and can lead to judging someone or assuming information, which can often establish problems and issues. Having too much information gives access to many different kinds and amounts of information. Feelings, behaviors, and thoughts are a few kinds of evidence and patterns that allow you to know the person. Additionally, knowing our self-worth can have an influence on our self-perception. Often people are bias about themselves, and always has a positive attitude about themselves, these are just a few issues that create blind spots.

2.) Who has better information for judging internal traits, the self or others? Why?

When it comes to judging internal traits, we know ourselves better than others know us. We
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Many traits can be judged from our physical appearance, our social media posts, and interactions in everyday experiences. Its in how we carry ourselves, to how we carry a conversation, our music collection, to what movies we like to watch, it’s the books we read, to our living spaces. We don’t think about all of these things, when we are wondering how people see us, but these are just a few of the many reasons how people know us better than we know ourselves. Overall, we think we know ourselves better than other people, but when we leaves clues around all over the place it is actually the
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