Do People Think Negatively Positively Or Helpful?

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There are so many people living miserable lives today because they are choosing to be negative and put in as little effort into themselves as possible. If people could just wake up in the morning and decide to be positive and think about the good things in life all day then they would be happier, healthier, and they would have better relationships with people. People would feel healthier if they thought more positively because they wouldn't be bringing themselves down all the time. They would be more motivated to do things; like exercise, eat healthy, and get more rest. People who spend their days thinking negatively also seem like they are more depressed and mopey than people who think positively. That may be because they have so much…show more content…
you've got to handle it and get back on track. It isn't that hard though, all it really takes is some breathing exercises and talking to a peer or adult about the things that are making you think negatively. Nobody wants to be friends with someone whose nickname is "Negative Nancy". Being negative constantly can effect your friendships and all of your relationships. If you're in a bad mood all the time you could put out an aura or vibes that aren't necessarily pleasant to be around. This will lead to a chain reaction of bad things, for example; once you start being negative all the time people will stop hanging out with you, then you will be sad all the time, next you will start to blame everything on yourself, all of this while you're at home binge watching nurse Jacki on Netflix, eating leftovers and making jokes with yourself. Think about it, stay positive. Then again there are days when being alone, talking to nobody, watching Netflix, and eating leftovers sounds like a good deal. Everyone needs a break from human interaction every once in a while, just not all the time. Even when you're all alone you need to be making sure you're taking care of yourself. Just going through your thoughts by
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