Do Personality Based Human Capital Resources Matter At Firm Performance?

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Taking it to Another Level: Do Personality-Based Human Capital resources Matter to Firm Performance? Per the article, “Do Personality-Based Human Capital Resources Matter to Firm Performance?” Kim, Oh, & Van Iddekinge (2015) said that based on recent human capital research, ASA theory, and SHRM scholarship, personality-based capital resources in the forms of organization-level mean, variance, and their interaction matter to firm performance. Their study showed that when an organization carefully select employees, especially managers based on personality those employees are the ones that makes the organization outperform organizations that do not select based on personality. They further stated that the attraction-selection-attrition (ASA) model suggests that personality-based capital resources are valuable if they are based on managers. Because managers implement human resources practices and have the opportunity to direct influence collective processes which influence unit and organizational performances. An organization’s personality profiles represent the personal characteristics of the organization’s leaders and managers, who transmit their personality into their organizations through the goals and climates they establish and the individual they attract. Personality of the managers is a very important factor to consider when filling managerial positions because personality influence how people feel, think and behave and it represents one potentially important factor
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