Do Politics, Economics and Social Factors Affect the Living Standard of People in a Country

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Table of Contents Hypothesis /Introduction 3 Background 4-5 Analysis Argument 1: Social Conditions affecting Living Standards 5-9 Argument 2: Economic Conditions affecting Living Standards 10-14 Argument 3: Political Conditions affecting Living Standards 14-17 Conclusion 17-18 Appendix Appendix 1 19-25 Appendix 2 25-29 Appendix 3 29-30 Reference List 30-33 Hypothesis: The overall living standard of people in a country is solely due to the social, economic, and political conditions of the country. Introduction In determining the influences that relate to the living standard of people in a country, I will consider the different issues in…show more content…
Unlike our predecessors, the society is now affected by a manifold of dynamics which affect the ways of life and the living standards of people. The change of society has created the need for citizens to be more reliant on the politics of their country, the social conditions of the country, as well as the economic prosperity that may affect where they live. In this report, the living standards of citizens in different countries will be analyzed and shown. From observing the several countries in the world, an analysis will be made to discover what makes the living standards of one country higher than another. Several organizations are already performing this type of research, such as UNICEF; an organization which would rather promote happiness and wellness of citizens in a country rather than only considering the economical factors provided. Instead of solely judging a country by its GDP, or essentially its numerical productivity, there is numerical data for happiness, otherwise known as the Gross National Happiness1. This was created by the King of Bhutan, the leader of a communist country, and the GHP was measured by the social, economic, and political conditions within the country1. Used by major organizations now across the world including UNICEF, I also agree that a country should not only be measured by the economical standards as it is not the only
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