Do Professional Athletes Deserve Their Hefty Salaries?

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Do professional athletes deserve their hefty salaries? The current pay of professional athletes in the United States has been the target of social media and the public due to the hefty amount athletes make. This paper will look at the reasons behind professional athletes’ salaries to find out if it is justified or they are plainly overpaid. As mentioned in previous writing, the question of “are professional athletes overpaid” is highly controversial because of the perceived disproportionate in pay among workers that actually serve humanity. This research paper will provide important facts and data based on different studies conducted by experts to show the truth which will show the two sides of the coin instead of a biased look of famous athletes. The perceived exorbitant pay professional athletes receive is a major concern by most people because all they see are the famous athletes portrayed by media outlets in the heights of their careers. Take for example the football player that is so popular that his personal stock goes higher when his team wins because of his ability. The same player is on television, newspaper, radio, the internet, and so on. Imagine the money he brings for the team owners as well as the community they are based. This athlete carries a direct impact on every one. Here, we see famous athletes with their exceptional abilities that are obviously making the owners richer, communities’ job and income outlook better. With so many existing teams and…
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